This is a quick look into Season 2 of PUSH, a project that I was fortunate enough to direct in 2016. It aired on a documentary series about the lives of 8 professional skateboarders, consisting of 24 total episodes and taking 8 months to create.

These days, it's a foregone conclusion that a modern video part will involve extensive international travel. The search for spots that are rarely touched and exotic is sometimes taken as seriously as the clip itself. Daniel Lutheran's PUSH filming missions include a first-time trip to Spain, where he quickly found his zone.

Many people wonder what Brandon Biebel's secret is. Does he drink a lot of coffee? Is he just naturally energetic? The answer is tucked away in the acronym AMFD (both versions). In episode 3, we meet Brandon's family and learn that, yes, he's always given 100 percent in everything he does.

Blake Carpenter knows that the process of getting that perfect clip can be a repetitive cycle. Some days are better than others. But if you're willing to ride it out, you'll roll away with the goods.

Even the most accomplished Pros need to know when to say when. Over time, Miles Silvas has developed an understanding of when to choose his battles. During filming-when there are so many variables-his instinct might be the only thing he can trust.

Not many of us will get to experience the proverbial hero's welcome, but Nick Tucker gets the royal treatment whenever he visits his family and friends in Lemon Grove. In episode 3, Nick hits his old stomping grounds and shows us that you really can go home again-just don't forget to come back strapped with product.

Leo Romero is a glutton for punishment. His Madrid filming missions in episode 3 are full of scrapes and bruises, and he just keeps coming back for more.

From the age of five, Curren Caples knew that he wanted to be a Pro skater. With the support of his parents he found the right sponsors and today, fifteen years later, Curren's still riding the wave.

Tommy Fynn heads back to his old stomping grounds in Brisbane, Australia, in episode 3.

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